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THE Chocolate Factory

THE Chocolate Factory

BY STAFF WRITER JELLIE ARROWMINT Ladies and gentleman let me introduce you to the sweetest find of the century! You sure know where you are as soon as you land; this place is simply gorgeous, so reminiscent it’s like stepping onto the film set. Such a cute little place full of mouth-watering delights, and a […]

5 Traits of a Good Second Life DJ

5 Traits of a Good Second Life DJ

BY EDITOR SHAUNA SKYE I used to co-own a rock club in Second Life, and one thing I remember could make or break the fun of a place was whether the DJ was suitable. I had both good and bad experiences with DJs, so thought I’d share what I view as top traits of a […]

The Jack & Elaine Whitehorn Memorial Library in Caledon

To Move in Measure

BY CHIEF STAFF WRITER PAYPABAK WRITER I was given the following notecard and was curious. I love the Caledon Victorian sims and this was a good excuse to visit! ********** To Move in Measure January – April 2010 Jack & Elaine Whitehorn Memorial Library, Caledon Victoria City Using primary sources from the John M. Ward […]

Classifieds on Moonletters

BY EDITOR SHAUNA SKYE I’m making available a classified ad page on the site here. You can get your own classified for 100 lindens per week, 50 words or less, and include your SLURL or website address. Submit your ad via notecard to Shauna Vella inworld, making sure to include your avatar name and inworld […]

Live in Second Life

BY STAFF WRITER ALBION SPITTELER One of the cool things in Second Life is the live music scene. It’s a global thing, and in the past I’ve listen to everything from Argentine jazz to French indie and all things in-between. The standard is variable, passing through sublime onto mediocre and culminating in the downright dire; […]

Shirt from Missy and straps from Legend.

Paypourri: Apologies, Praise, and the aQuatria Gallery

BY CHIEF STAFF WRITER PAYPABAK WRITER I hope everyone who read my interview with Ghanie Lane knows I was teasing her and making fun of my lazy-ass self in remarks about the notecard interview! My method is usually to send a list of questions to let someone be prepared for the interview. When I did […]

How Well Do We Know Our Second Life Friends?

BY EDITOR SHAUNA SKYE I am not one of these people who think you can’t get to know someone over the internet. In fact, I believe you can often get to know someone even better. Why? Because some people reveal things typing that they’d wait ages to tell you if you met them first in […]

Man Vs Second Life

BY EDITOR SHAUNA SKYE My friend Evelyn Hitchcock and I were indulging in some nightly youtube fun in the Moonletters Theatre, and Eve played this video. It’s called Man Vs Second Life. I guess it’s already old now having been posted in 2008–but I had not seen it. I was expecting this to be the […]

This is the acolyte outfit, inspird by the David Lynch version of Dune, that Ghanie gave me when we first met.

Interview with Ghanie Lane

BY CHIEF STAFF WRITER PAYPABAK WRITER Ghanie Lane is a dear friend. Even though we rezzed a week apart from each other, she’s been like a mentor to me. She’s also my incredibly generous landlord! She even gave my sister Pay away at her wedding since Ghanie was partly responsible for bringing her into this […]

Menswear Fashion Week 2010

Menswear Fashion Week 2010

BY STAFF WRITER ALBION SPITTELER Only a fool would deny that male fashion is overshadowed by women’s fashion in Second Life, and with some justification. Women really do like to splash the lindens, whereas lots of men are happy with a badly textured freebie outfit from some bin store so long as it has long […]