It Wasn’t Built in a Day….


Rome, that is. Not the exemplary piece of furniture I managed to construct ‘pon my first attempt at building something. You more experienced people there are probably sniggering right now, but jellie has never built anything before; jellie has rezzed a couple of boxes by mistake, but this was the jellstor’s first attempt at the construction of something superlative. Stunning? Exceedingly brilliant? Maybe the word I’m looking for is ‘simple’.

And so it began, the construction of an object to sit upon, the creation of . . . a brightly colored stool.

I hear your gasps of wonderment and awe, but I cannot take all of the credit, for it was Shauna of the Vella clan who guided me (her fault for saying ‘if you need help just IM me’!) and after an age of getting the right shapes, linking objects and selecting colors I was, and I am, proud of my attempt!

‘You can now build an entire sim.’ Shauna said, but I fear I need a few more goes before I attempt what would end up being a brightly colored place full of lovely things for Pay, and somewhere for Graz to hang his Katy Perry posters.

I am keen to build more and learn along the way. I thought about taking classes and I’m sure there are many on offer in SL, but for me the ‘hands on’ approach is better. So if you’re a friend, expect a delivery on something now and then, or if you’re curious, drop me an IM and I’ll let you know how I’m getting on and maybe even share my latest creation with you.

Right now I’m in awe of all the builders and designers out there. It must take real dedication and hard work to achieve the contents of their shop, home, or sim. Maybe one day I’ll produce something good enough for X street. Until then, I will be proud of what I’ve made (kind of like that first bit of pottery someone did at night school), but as I said to Shauna ’Now I know how to build, the world is my Pizza’. (I don’t like oysters).

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  1. Pay
    Pay August 26, 2010 at 12:04 pm |

    This post made me smile! As you say, there are some great learning places in SL … I’ve had the same hankering to take a class, too. BTW, if anyone reading has a brilliant idea for building or scripting but doesn’t have the gift, there’s another contest you should know about: … look for What’s the Big Idea.

  2. jells bells farky nells
    jells bells farky nells November 3, 2012 at 8:21 pm |

    What a brilliant piece of furniture! :D

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