Sixty Linden Weekends


Just a reminder to everyone that every weekend several stores participate in pricing designated items for just 60 lindens. This is often stuff that costs a lot when it’s not on sale, so if you shop sixty linden weekends you can sometimes get real bargains. The kind of things you’ll find will vary; everything from clothes, furniture, gadgets, garden, and more.

Is this like a hunt? No. With hunts you have to, well, hunt. With Sixty Linden weekend the sale item is either right at the landing point or you’ll find footprints on the ground leading you straight to it.

A list of participating stores is sent weekly via notecard. You can get this list sent to you by subscribing inworld at Sixty Linden Weekend Main Subscriber (Heavenly Escape).

If you’re a merchant, you can participate after filling out an application. This will bring traffic to your store! Ask Cara Ametza for information.

Some of this week’s sale items can be found on the web at Official Picasa Gallery.

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