Orange Cat You Can Ride

Contributed by Shauna Skye

If you’re willing to pet a giant orange cat for just 15 minutes you can take him home with you–free. Not only that, but you can ride the cat without needing land to rez him. Why? Because all you have to do is wear him like you would an item of clothing.

orangecatDon’t be fooled by the picture. I’m not sitting on the cat properly. I was just goofing off and doing a bit of side saddle while Toastie petted him. I’d gotten my own cat the previous day.

If you get this critter, make sure to remember his name or you’ll lose him in your inventory. He’s called DEKA BRY. Deka means jumbo in Japanese, and bry is the breed.

Get the Cat Inworld: DEKA BRY

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