What star sign are you? In real life I’m a Gemini. I think I possess a lot of the traits associated with Geminis: I’m always wanting to learn new things, I’m a tad mischievous at times, I love languages and being able to communicate in different ways.

But what about in Second Life? If I go by my rez date in SL apparently I’m a Cancerian, so I could be compassionate and caring but at the same time hard and insensitive; but really, does it matter what star sign I am in SL? I guess I could be a Cancerian portraying Gemini traits or perhaps vice versa. I think that whoever we are in real life a bit of it always comes across in SL, so no matter how private we try to keep our real lives, some of it will always pass through. I’ve seen a few profiles out there asking the reader to remember there is a real-life person behind the avatar, and I guess that’s a good point; it’s all too easy to become detached from RL when we’re in-world, but as long as we respect other people and their feelings, whatever our sign in either life is, SL will be a much happier place.

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