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“Be There, Or Be… a Cube!” so says the notecard announcing the premiere live concert in the Prime 3D Event Series. The Overlook Lounge will host SL pianist Rulie Cisse, who will perform realtime piano improvisations, movie soundtracks, and popular music. She will be giving a ninety-minute concert at 6PM SLT on Saturday January 1st, 2011. Yes, 2-0-1-1! The lounge is located in the center of the region and overlooks the post-modern city below. They’ll have a teleporter station directly beside the region’s main landing point to take you there. The views through the transparent-floored hallway leading into the concert area will take your breath away.

Observatory loungeAdmission is free to all. Seating will be limited but there will be plenty of floor space to relax with friends while Rulie takes requests and performs.

I am fortunate to have friends who pass along the E&D information. They just released this note, as well:

We’re gearing up for 2011 and beginning to take bookings for our upcoming Music and Arts Event Series. Are you a musician, an artist, a sculptor, a photographer? Are you looking for a new venue in which to perform or display your creations? Do you know someone who is? Pass this notecard along or come check us out yourself and let’s talk about it! See you there!

I have gushed over this sim before. Ring in the new year with live music at Prime 3D!

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