Stinky Sock


It was my turn to clean up at the indie club AAi, and after picking up the empties and giving the place a sweep, I dared to venture into the hidden room. The place is usually all right with just a few empty barrels and the odd mis-placed noob, but this time club manager Graz Firecaster had left his stinky socks on the floor – they were so bad even our mascot Colin the camel had a peg on his nose.

Thankfully the camel gave me a landmark so I could put one mine – and at only 30 lindens I wasn’t going to complain.

With a peg to go on my nose, and a pencil to hold the offending object, picking up Mr Firecaster’s tootsie-warmers was a little less unpleasant!

If you’re ever on clean-up duty or just fancy a laugh, head over to Concrete Flowers and look for the ‘Stinky Sock’.

Visit Inworld: Concrete Flowers

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  1. Pay
    Pay December 30, 2010 at 1:34 pm |

    Thanks for the early morning chuckle! Love your sweatshirt, too.

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