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After writing about the High School of the Dead and I was reminded of a great, though naughty, store where you can get perfect costumes for roleplaying in there. Strictly for girls, though. Danika has been around a good long time and is still kicking out great-fitting clothes for what they call Petite & Teen Fashions. RAWR!! And if they don’t fit right off the rack, they are scripted for resizing. Here are just some of the names of their Lolita School line of outfits:

Features for the Lolita Line
* Hentai Hottie
* Kat-o-lick Skool
* Miss Understood
* Meeeeoowww!2
* After Class Sass
* Class Delinquent
* and more

For $L 399, these outfits feature shoes with v2-compatible and old-style prim handling, an “interactive” skirt (see illustration at left for more details), equipment vest or backpack, multiple layers of the outfit itself, and well, an animated sex toy complete with HUD.

They also have Club Couture for older avatars but designed with the same sassy attitude. These include some latex outfits and all have mix and match layers so you can look completely decadent or at the tipping point of getting there. So … the Meltdown outfit I am modeling in the photo here has one strap down and would be quite revealing save that I knew I have some great bras that otherwise never get to be shown off in public. I call this a win-win if you like to be on the edge and but not go over it. For $L 399, you get multiple layers, five color choices, calve-high scripted boots, and a micro skirt.

Meltdown outfit

Danika just released great v2-compatible layers (as well as traditional ones) for showing off six different types of swimsuit tan lines and sunburns with similar six styles, each for $L 199. Nicely done! Also check out the Shapes Boutique.

Meltdown, with Shattered top. The bra is Madeleine Intimates from Vextra Fashion, new grey eyes from Exodi’s Reflective series, tattoo by Sasara Klaar, and the hair is Strawberry Shortcake Rush from LeLutka.

Visit Inworld: Danika Mainstore

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  1. shauna
    shauna February 22, 2011 at 9:52 am |

    I’m going to sit on my hands now to keep myself from typing and making fun of that outfit.

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