Nahm nahm nahm….


Oh my goodness! These Donut pillow seats look good enough to eat!

I have the pink one and have pondered many a time about sinking my teeth in, but it’s probably not a good idea!

These delightful looking objects are for sale at Akeyo and are 350L for just 2 prims of donutty goodness. There are six flavors in all (pic only shows five) and they come with twelve different sit and chill poses.

Grab one before I can’t resist any longer and you find yourself with nothing to sit on!

Visit Inworld: Akeyo

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  1. Albion
    Albion February 24, 2011 at 9:19 am |

    haha i thought this had rambo overtones when i saw the title ‘nam ‘nam ‘nam

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