SLife on Mars


Today I was told “Oh my God, you’re just like Dean Winchester from Supernatural!”

That coming from my little SL brother, Shane Wildmist, after he saw I was not only familiar with the classic rock bands he was discovering, but that I owned their albums.

Hey, I know I’m thought of as an SL Mod, and rightly so as I love the music of the 60s, its genres and subgenres, and even the mod revival that came later. But my taste in music is wide . . . and to be honest I have far more knowledge of classic rock than anything else. If as a teen I knew as much about math as I did about Led Zeppelin, I’d have probably gotten a scholarship.

I’m not really like Dean Winchester though. Aside from being the wrong gender, he likes way too much mullet rock. Dean does, however, have some amusing quotes now and then: “This guy’s no genius. He’s a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie!”

Just thinking about music makes me want to hear some, and SL is a great outlet to not only listen, but share the love with others. It’s wonderful to put on headphones and crank the tunes to enjoy them alone, but there’s something special about sharing the experience with friends. It’s tribal.

*Dean Winchester is a fictional character from the tv show Supernatural, portrayed by Jensen Ackles.

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