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You have to be careful for what you wish for… I made a birthday wish on Plurk back in February on a whim. No one was about to lay out that many Lindens on moi. Or so I thought! Not just Alidar Moxie but Vanni Cannoli decided independently to make my fourth rez day very very special! They each bought me the newly released Tannhauser Gate. This “spatial environment” sold at Z Boutique is inspired by the Roy Batty line toward the end of Bladerunner about “c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate.” For $L1,100, you receive a package that transforms into a large spaceship … you and your companions sit on the ship and it launches to a spot between 1000m to 4000m meters above your region and then blossoms into the Photonic Spaceport, complete with controls and large panels that depict the moons of Saturn in the background (see the thumbnail that shows everything from a distance). From a distance, stage 1 of the scenarioFrom there, you can get into a hyperspace Iota vehicle that will take you to the ruins of the Tannhauser Gate (the previous setting de-rezzes unless someone stays with it, which could cause trouble). Resolve the crisis there and then you can land on the planet Thoria for more adventures. Follow the script or create your own, this wonderful “environment” will inspire your imagination for roleplaying at the mere cost of 97 prims! You can accommodate up to 10 characters on your launch, teleport more if needed, once the station has stabilized.

A great bonus to this package is that two minutes after the last person has left the scene, it all disappears, leaving no trace (unless you have added items to the scene) to litter the sim. Also included is a dispenser for the Zero-G implant that allows you to look weightless, which is very nice. (BTW, the spacesuits used in the video are not included. I recognize the ladies’ latex suit as a PixelDoll product but really want to know where the cool helmets were purchased!)

What I’ve learned from roleplaying on sims like Splintered Rock or from visiting Battlestar Galactica, is that great settings inspire you, help you get into the action. These settings have the bonus of great backdrops, plus particle effects that make it more than just a static “set.” Think of this spatial environment acting as a holodeck, a temporary instance of a sim.

Videos in store

And what’s so impressive about Z Boutique is the array of offerings at the inworld store. Check out the store or visit the Website that is replete with videos for such environments as Mars Expedition and Lunar Mission. Check out some very impressive spacecraft and space stations. If space opera is not your cuppa, they have many other scenarios, including: Oceanic Storm, Cryogenia, The Wizard House, Pleistocine, Sacrificial Altar, Domain of Ahriman, and more. They provide the setting, you provide the actors, costumes, and the imagination. I am very impressed with Tannhuaser Gate and expect that the others are just as detailed and well-executed. Products range in price from $L250 for a Meteor Storm (acts likes a security system for unwanted guests) to $L1,480 for Mars Expedition.

Visit Inworld: Z Boutique
Visit Website: Z-Boutique Website and SL Marketplace

I definitely have more pictures on my Flickr account.

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  1. Lacewing
    Lacewing May 7, 2011 at 1:37 pm |

    When I wrote my bit for who are we, I said I hoped one day to find a really immersive sci fi sim, I’m beginning to see possibilities …..
    Sounds great

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