John Lennon Returns to Second Life

Contributed by Shauna Skye

Second Life John Lennon aka “the Eggman” disappeared from Second Life for a while but was recently spotted in Liverpool dancing around and then later at Dear Prudence Rock Club talking to . . . Dear Prudence. The Eggman aka “Timothy Falta” aka “DJ Timothy Falta” aka “that guy who looks like John Lennon” aka “you can call me Eggman, or you can call me Tim or you can just call me” was making jokes and watching Dear Prudence fail to top JP Lancaster’s high score of Zyngo.

eggman.jpgWill we get another Beatles show from Eggman? Will he DJ? There are n00bs coming along using avatars like Lennon and McCartney, so Eggman needs to be on his toes if he wants to hold onto the Lennon throne. If you want to see the Eggman DJ he has a group. Just search “DJ Eggman” to join it.

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  1. JohnLennon
    JohnLennon January 22, 2008 at 1:55 am |

    Everyone kept talking about my back when I returned. It was weird! How’d they know?

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