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I’ve been having a very hard time pinning down what New Grayson Station (NGS) is. According to owner Maggie Darwin, the sim has been around since spring of 2007. From the various teleportation systems found on the mainland and station, you can visit dozens of science fiction-related sims, including Firefly sims, TARDIS, Star Trek sims, Splintered Rock, a Borg Cube, and even the MST3K at This Island Earth. Maps of some of the territory making up the Honor universe The Turbolift alone takes you to the mainland or any of eight levels of the station, including the Holodeck (see listing below). I saw a poster for Honorverse, an online game, that I may need to track down. And then I saw a quote from Siobhan McCallen, who created the spaceship flight script touted by Hagbard Skillman in my last article and may be a founder of NGS. She writes about New Grayson:

We figure the fastest way to cause the kind of bickering and infighting that will rip a sim apart is to tell people how to imagine. So we don’t. We provide the simplest of frameworks we can, with the loosest, most open structure that will provide the basics … management is always willing to listen to comments and concerns so that New Grayson can expand and grow.

Tourbolift destinations

As fine a philosophy for a roleplaying sim as I have seen. And the station is quite unique and elegant in its design as you can tell from my pictures. The mainland, on the other hand, is ordinary, waiting for you and your adventurers to make something of it. Again, there are so many choices of where to go from mainland areas, including a region in Zindra, to private sims, you will need to bring a coin along to flip to make any decisions. It’s truly impressive.

One level of the station has an installation of Novatech Horzons holodeck technology and allows you to rez the following “scenes” for play:

  • Army Training – great for RP urban combat
  • Celtic Reflection – lovely hilltop setting with meditation rock and cuddle rug
  • Chaos Theory Novatech – a lighshow headtrip from Summer Seale
  • Chinese Dojo – pratice close-quarters melee in style, or meditate
  • Cinema One – stylish luxury movie theater (Also has a smaller, more intimate theater)
  • Conference Room and Conference Room Combo, boardroom elegance with selectable panoramic cityscapes

    View from above

  • DS LAB – perfect for a mad scientist
  • Galaxy Class Bridge – insanely detailed RP set with bridge, ready room and conference room of NCC-1701D; a work of art
  • Island -romantic desert island, sunbathing, beach chairs, gulls, fish
  • LBTrippin’ – Psychosexual headtrip
  • Lecture big and lecture small – give an illustrated presentation or class…three image screens
  • Mystic Forest – large forest scene with cuddles and weather
  • Panocube15, Panocube30, Panocube50 – surround yourself with spectatular panoramic photography
  • Photolab – photo studio with controllable lighting and backgrounds
  • Roman bath – This scene contains an OpenSource sex system for your enjoyment. To use it, click on the statue of Venus.
  • SkyPlace Home – a getaway suite with fireplace, kitchen, dining table

    View from the side

  • Smugglers Cantina – dance floor with machine, go-go cages, table seating. The Smuggler’s Cantina was built by Glitch Tennant. Sit on either dance pole for a menu, or sit in the dance cages above. The radio is next to the stage, in the green display screen thingy.
  • Spa – Blue and Spa – Gold – hot tub, tanning bed, shower, massage pad, meditation chairs, drinks machine. The blue and gold spas were created by Sparkly Rainbow. To turn on the lights, click the panel next to the door. To change the light color, click the chandelier and choose from a wide selection of colors and shades. You can set each of the chandelier’s three panes separately for different moods and effects.
  • String Theory Novatech – another elaborate sight-and-sound show from Summer Seale
  • Swimming Pool – pool with bar, rafts, patio
  • TNG bridge – small Star Trek bridge RP set
  • Voyager Sickbay – RP being an EMH or a preggers Kes
  • and a dozen others

If you have ever wanted to just slap on a combat HUD and your favorite weapon, or check out that spacefighter for handling dogfights, you cannot go wrong heading to New Grayson Station. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, take a look at the teleporter system or the Stargate teleporter …. the number choices are impressive.

Visit Inworld: New Grayson Station

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  1. shauna
    shauna July 6, 2011 at 7:10 am |

    Though not into roleplaying, I’m interested to see their holodeck. Will go check it out!

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