Surf Festival III: California Dreaming


If you haven’t tried surfing in SL yet, from now till the end of the month, you have a great opportunity to experience the best surfing festival in SL, meet truly great people, and enjoy a re-creation of the world-famous C-Street break.Ferris wheel and roller coaster This break occurs in the middle of Ventura, California, (well, on the coast of the town!) and includes famous landmarks like the California Street Hollowday Inn (not wishing to incur copyright infringements), where a museum of SL surfing history will be housed, the longest wooden pier in SL, and great waves. The Surf Festival Carnival will feature up to 60 exhibits for perusing wares belonging to the event sponsors and great rides like a ferris wheel and roller coaster. If you follow Ventura Highway 101 out to the airport– not a long walk–you can rez a helicopter ride to fly over the sim.

The final event on July 31 promises to be amazing: a Jimmy Buffet Tribute concert!

From the Notice by Revy Lunasea:
The C-Street break in RL is amazing! The break is right hand and breaks off of Ventura Point at ‘stables’ the mouth of the Ventura River. On big days, it rolls down the point ending up at the pier (which incidentally is the longest wooden pier in California). The break easily averages 6 to 8 feet during the peak season and hosts several competitions throughout the year. Not to disappoint this year the Surf Festival is hosting its first ever full competition: The Surfcrazy Open.
… This event is for entire SL Surf Community and the M class audience of Second Life. The one aspect of RL Surfing we will not condone is Localism type behavior. This is the one time a year that we can all get together and share the stoke. So when ya see that rival wave thrasher, maybe try buying them a breakfast burrito instead of throwing yours at them.


I have been surfing for about a year now, when my many responsibilities let me and the one thing I have learned is that SL surfers are what you would expect: laid back, friendly, and totally into waves. This should be a great chance to observe them as well as participate in great surfing.

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  1. Albion
    Albion July 23, 2011 at 10:52 am |

    wow sounds great im useless but love virtual surfing,,,right where’s my mod board…………..

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