First Life Meeting Second Life

Have you ever run into someone from your first life in Second Life? This rarely happens to me. A couple of times I had family members in SL, but it was brief, so wasn’t long enough for me to get used to it. I often see real couples in SL, and I do wonder what it’s like for them. I have two good friends who are, in real life, actual sisters as well, and they hang out together in SL.

The only time I can think of when someone from first life found me was when I got an IM from SL musician Linus Radford. Since I have the same first name in both lives (and use my photo in the 1st life section), he recognized me since we both had alternative bands at the time, and were mutual fans of each others music. At the time Linus had not revealed his first life identity in SL, and was using “Linus Radford” to do virtual gigs. Later, when he finally told everyone he was Randal Prater, it kind of felt like Kiss taking off the makeup.

Linus is not in SL much anymore, and our time zones became difficult when I moved across this big pond. And yet hanging out with Linus is one of my better noob memories. He was a good friend when I needed one, and was also one of the first to be featured on this website. Thought I’d do a retro thing and mention him since it’s been a while! (I should probably feature more SL musicians than I do.)

Randal in The Pagan States

Random Linus Radford footage I found on youtube

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