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Plastik is one of those stores I cannot stay away from even though I was not happy with a few skin purchases where I felt the demo mislead me on there being tattoos included on the skin. I brought it up with the owner but never heard from her, so be aware that customer service is not her strong point. But designer Aikea Rieko is so clever I have to check up on her every once in awhile. Her EllaBella is the store within the store specializing in pierced jewelry, particularly for your mouth. Inventive and fun stuff in every price range! Worth a visit just for this stuff!

Lip rings

While I rarely wear eyes that aren’t made by Ryder Beck/Exodi, the exceptions come from Plastik and are worn when I’ve gone Neko, or need something otherworldly. The Haunt Collection is Rieko’s best set of eyes yet!
Along with those eyes, take a look at some of the new skin lines for more otherworldiness: the Magician Muted (pastel-colored Drow-esqe skins), Lionheart (tattoo skins that evoke Myth, Legend, Tale, and so on), Demon Fades (gorgeous gradient tints that form stockings and gloves, tattoo layers for eerie makeup effects sold separately), Ataciara (a massive collection of Elven skins of many tints and tones and makeups), and Aquamer skins that are beautifully scale-covered, and include matching Elf ears and exclusive eyes). Since the ad textures are R-rated, I can only say if you are looking for fine-quality skins for exotic role-playing, go now, we will wait for you. Prices are above average for skins, starting around L$979 and going toward L$1,300.

As far as clothing goes, here’s a terrific example from her textures of a typical outfit.
Variety of textures
Take a look at her SLMarketplace store although it is not as extensive as what you will find at the inworld shop. If you like what you see, then head inworld to Plastik.

Visit Inworld: Home of Plastik and EllaBella
Visit Website: SL marketplace

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