Mod Squad Girls


I thought it was time I gave a plug to EdenSky Cortes and Kimberley Sixpence, two of my favourite fashionistas. Since I always think of these two working away in their 1960’s clothing store, Mod Squad, I tend to refer to them as “the mod squad girls” if I’m ever talking about them!

The Mod Squad girls have a store in Moonletters town, and I feel honoured to have their original creations there. Their store is one of the few places you can find authentic looking 1960’s mod clothes for women–and they’ve added some new designs to their collection.

When the Mod Squad started out they used non-prim skirts in their dresses, but recently they’ve added prim skirts, sculpted collars, sleeves–the works. The results? Great looking clothes! I’m impressed with the new outfits, and I recommend that anyone looking for 1960’s and retro dresses give them a visit.

Visit Inworld: Mod Squad

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  1. Albion
    Albion July 27, 2011 at 3:57 pm |

    “anyone looking for 1960?s and retro dresses give them a visit.”

    BOO HOO I just have not got the legs for it,,,I tried once :-S

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