Guarded Cross


Here’s a little something for all you men looking for top quality clothing that is a bit different (and also for you women who occasionally find yourself donning menswear).

Whilst profile snooping, I came across a store that looked good just from the ‘pick’ and paid it a visit.

Guarded Coss sells really high quality stuff; jackets, tshirts, pants, footwear–even skins that are particularly well-made and offer a free demo.

Owner Rryosukito felisimo seems like a really nice guy, and sells his shop as [The] ‘Home of Guarded Cross to provide men with high qualitycasual clothing.’

What’s more is that there is a whole bunch of freebies waiting for you on the ground floor. I’m not entirely sure why they are free because they are as good as the rest of the stuff he sells, and he could probably get a few hundred Linden dollars for each of them.

The skins are around the $L1,600 mark but if you take a look at them, you will see why.

Design-wise, I think this is one of the best stores in SL.

Visit Inworld: Guarded Cross

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