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With so many sims disappearing from the SL landscape, it’s good to see Paris 1900 still hanging in there. Fours sims (Moulin Rouge, Les Champs Elysees, Eiffel, and Couture) long, there’s much to see and admire about this place. One of the best recreations of a real place, though set back in the 1900s, Paris is a great experience to share with someone dear.The tower and the arch It’s one of the first SL sims I took my friend Lisa and her sense of wonder at the sights just added to my own enjoyment of this imaginative build. (Of course, if you go by yourself, you may meet someone with whom to share the City of Lights. After all, it’s Gay Paree!)

You will encounter some lag, so try to remove items that might add to the lag before teleporting there. Once you land, I strongly suggest looking for a sign hanging from a street lamppost with the words “Touch for Free Car” and take the old-fashioned autocarriage on your tour. Don’t wait for a streetcar, because despite the tracks everywhere, I’ve yet to see one in several visits I’ve made. You can stop to explore shops, clubs, and sights, and while the car disappears, you will find a nearby sign to do it again.

Your transport

Yes, the Eiffel Tower is amazing, it’s the must-see structure among the many excellent recreations among these sims, and I dare say, in SL. The ferris wheelOn the lower levels you can get some historical facts about the building of the tower, then go up for the great view, and finally parachute off of it. But there is so much more! You have the Arch d’Triumph, through which a biplane will occasionally fly; you have a grand ferris wheel to ride, and a boulevard filled with great shops. Experience Moulin Rouge, walk into the Cathedral of Notre Dame, watch a zeppelin overfly the boulevard. If you position yourself just right, you can have a view that strongly reminds of Seurat’s famous Sunday Afternoon even though the island of La Grande Jatte is not along any boulevard in Paris.

Stay tuned for more looks at SL recreations of first life places.

Visit Inworld: Paris 1900
I have more pictures of Paris on my Flickr account.

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  1. shauna
    shauna August 2, 2011 at 4:26 pm |

    Will have to give it a visit again. I like sims based on RL places, especially set in the past.

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