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I have some bad news for those who prefer the original Linden style viewers. With the implementation of “mesh” these older viewers, including the current favourite Phoenix, are going to eventually give out. Jessica Lyons, project manager of the Phoenix Viewer Project, says “As mesh becomes more and more popular, and I’m sure it will, more and more people will be selling, buying, making and using mesh in their daily sl lives. As the usage increases, the world will look more and more broken for Phoenix and other V1 users.”

For those of us who hate Linden V2, and who were not impressed with the interface of the new Firestorm viewer, this is aggravating. Not all is lost, however. Jessica Lyons has put together a tutorial for making the Firestorm Viewer a bit more like Phoenix. This video does not address all the issues I personally have with Firestorm, but it’s a start.

See on the Web: Phoenix Maintenance Update

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  1. Pay
    Pay August 3, 2011 at 11:22 am |

    I have to say, the feature set of Firestorm really had me hooked and I was getting used to the V2-like interface. When they released the next beta, it had gone back to being much more like Phoenix and I had to readjust again! That’s a great video for making the transition and I hope people begin to embrace what this excellent third-party viewer is doing.

  2. Feral Mossrider
    Feral Mossrider August 3, 2011 at 4:18 pm |

    Quite apart from the problems that V1-based viewers will face with mesh objects, there are V2 innovations that Phoenix is already missing out on, such as implementation of media prim support. However there’s still a while to go before V1 viewers are consigned to history – the latest version of Phoenix, released this week, is testament to that.

    Perhaps the strongest argument for switching to
    Firestorm though is the intended development of the Bridge, which is likely to give far more flexibility and functionality than Phoenix ever had and will go beyond what the official V2 is likely to offer.

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