Ninjas of SL Unite!


Training dojoI’m in a quandary in presenting this article. The huge main mall of this sim should be brimming with stores and instead there are only a handful: Jaffa Alliance, Gateway Too Cosplay, Birth (hair), and F.A.C.E. In May, when I first visited the mall, the teleporter took me to a cool training dojo (see picture at left) but today the teleporter has no destination. On the other hand, the blog appears to have fairly recent postings (July 18). Is this a dead end, or a time to gather the ninjas of SL together?

NCS HUDThe Nexus Core Combat System is tailored for the kind of battles you would face as a ninja and takes its lead from a number of combat systems out there so you’re not lost as to how it works. The About Us page of the blog details the history of development and has a humorous list of previous developers and reasons why they’re no longer working on the project. I would love to see the RUST roleplayers consider using this combat system, although they do like their guns …

I would like to take this opportunity to challenge anyone out there using the NCS2 system to IM me for a trial of the system or provide their comments about it here. That’s what blogs are for, conversations about the things we like or dislike.

Visit Inworld: Nexus Ninja Roleplay
Visit Website: Nexus Core blog

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