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Looking for friends? Want to make some fast? Then why not abduct them?! Using the Lacerator, it is possible to capture people and drag them around behind and below your ship. The Lacerator can target people by name, so if your target is standing in a group, you can be assured that you will get who you want.

On and on it goes, one of the more fun documentation reads I’ve experienced in a long time. Unidentified Fun Objects by Romano Frascati has no home but the vendor at Spaceport, which I reviewed back in April. U-FO vendorThese ships range in price from L$450 to L$900, a bit steep for the retro styling but the features list is quite deep with compatibility with TCS, CCC and VICE combat systems, cloaking ability, self-destruct, guest-pilot capabilities, and booby trap. The Lacerator also includes:

  • Free space suit.
  • Animated folding wings.
  • Combat HUD and crosshairs aid in dogfighting.
  • Smoke effects for display flying.
  • Opening/closing canopy.
  • Particle effects on take off/landing.
  • Hover and Jet flight modes.
  • Customizable Wing Decals.
  • Customizable Nose Art.
  • Changeable wing colors.
  • Animated textures for engines and vents.
  • Leverages new “windlight” texture effects such as “glow” and “fullbright.”
  • Seats two avatars.
  • Full sound effects.

I confess to being charmed by the humor the designer brings to his product line!

Visit Inworld: Spaceport’s U-FO Vendor

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  1. jellie Arrowmint
    jellie Arrowmint September 3, 2011 at 9:17 am |

    Your post is almost on par with a conversation I was having the other day. I fear the skies above Penny Lane will never be the same again!

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