One Prim Bedroom Set at Moonletters



Hi gang. I wrote about the amazing one prim piano recently. Well, you may be interested to know that the creator, Ample Clarity, has put his new one prim bedroom set on display in Moonletters town. He’s rented a room next to Jellie’s Gestures at the motel, and has a bed there that you can see close up and change the textures on. It’s a little motel room, so he couldn’t put too much in it, but he did fit the piano as well as some other stuff on the wall.

Ample is a great promoter, and is good with bribing me by giving me his new creations when they’re released. His work really does impress me.

Note: I tested some of the animations with my male alt, who was so thrilled I had to log him out.

Visit Inworld: Primpossible at Moonletters Town or go to the Mainstore and see all the goodies.

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  1. Pay
    Pay October 5, 2011 at 11:07 am |

    I have the one-prim pink piano … it’s marvelous!

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