Blue Galaxy: Out of this World!


I was wondering where this landmark turned up and as I was going through my Hair Fair 2011 folder noted the [BG] Goodies Gift bag* … hmm … BG? Blue Galaxy is amazing!!! Yes, three exclamation points’ worth of amazing; very cool clothes, incredible outfits and accessories for outer space roleplaying, textures and other items for builders, and a very terrific store design worth the visit in and of itself. Main store at 3001m, with a sandbox on ground level. I have a hunch some roleplaying goes on at Blue Galaxy, which also sports a spacey high-tech club.

Blue Galaxy cityscapeFor RP, you start at the top with a L$1,000 Space Suit, L$500 combat armor on which you can add all types of accessories (helmets, visors, backpacks, gauntlets, boots) in the L$200-L$400 range, to a $L$400 spacesuit that needs some extra work from your latex inventory to complete. Or you can find a high-detail Lupus avatar, an Android, or a colorful collection of furries, for around L$800 a piece. I’m not sure if the aforementioned spacesuit is mesh or not … the boots in particular looked different to me using the older version of Phoenix than when I was using the newest Firestorm mesh beta.

Offerings for roleplaying

Great clothesA number of .PSD files were also for sale in the Build Shop, which appears to be a trend lately. I noticed that Cupcakes sells full perm files for skins, which I believe consist of .PSD files. The GB offerings were for what looked like backpacks and accessories. I also saw vendors for street lights, benches, and display counters that are featured in the Blue Galaxy city for sale in this shop. A line of steampunk-esque accessories called Static were also available nearby.

My wife Lisa confessed she was going to be wiped out monetarily if we stayed much longer on my second visit, if that’s any indication of the great variety and quality of the items. Sweaters, hoodies, tech pants, shoes, and vests in amazing pastels had my mouth watering as well.

*The Hair Fair goodies gift, by the way, was a terrific Fireflies emitter that you wear. It’s quite impressive.

Visit Inworld: Blue Galaxy Store
Visit Website: Blue Galaxy Marketplace

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