Another Inspired Halloween Special Event


Beaverhut Death (Chicago, IL)
By Pierce Laurel

A woman died yesterday at St. Jude’s Hospital after choking to death on the mega-pickle garnish of her beaver burger. Millicent Grace, 42, was enjoying an unusually large gherkin when her grip slipped, and the massive morsel powered it’s way unexpectedly down her throat.

Beatrice Halfton, 21, was present for the tragedy. “I don’t know what happened,” she said. “I saw that thing go all the way in her mouth, and I just froze. I learned CPR, but I didn’t know what to do with it…it was so big and wet. She just kept making these mmmm noises. It was super gross! I feel like she died because of me…”

By the time Ricky Randolf, the mascot Beaver Hut Fighting Beaver was able to pull the pickle from her mouth, she had already lost conciousness. Death followed within the hour from a coronary event thought to have been triggered by the dill-disaster.

I’ll prolly get banned for revealing some detail of this amazing three-sim Halloween Event, but I had to share with you something of the flavor of what Sn@tch, Nomine, Hez Scripts, Planet Ash, Toxic Candy Games, and Pulse Productions have done. The Flesh Game is so very cool, it tops anything these people have done before, and believe me, they have a reputation for making Halloween in SL very special with their events. It’s not a Hunt, but there are terrific prizes to discover. It’s not “some hayrides and haunted houses with spinny alpha ghosts.” It’s a well-thought out interactive adventure with puzzles and clues and an actual storyline!


You begin in a studio where you need to sign in and wear the cellphone HUD and guest badge. You are a contestant in a survivor-type reality show called “The Flesh Game” and as you will soon learn … you’re late! But go ahead and explore, set your lighting to Region, be sure to minimize your own contribution to lag (in particular, no facelights, particles, and primmy objects). Turn up the volume; you know you want to, but turn down the music. Some of the best scares come from sounds.

funhouseAs the instructions say, “Click everything for clues and read all notes.” The cellphone, much like last year’s “detective notebook” at the Exodi/WoE Halloween experience, collects clues and puzzle pieces to help record your progress in the game. You will not be able to get to the end of the game, where there may be more prizes, unless your cellphone is performing this necessary function.

As you progress, you will occasionally need to teleport to one of the other sims in the game. It’s not a quickie jaunt so plan on spending a couple of hours or more to get through it. merrygoround I strongly suggest getting a few friends together who have the time and work together via IM, not open chat. You can share the scares and enhance the fun, just don’t tell anyone else what you’ve learned. You start out at a carnival and the craftsmanship of the merrygoround (see pic) shows the kind of care taken in putting this event together. It takes truly amazing dedication to create an experience like this with such a fleeting time limit, since, face it, this is not going to be around come Christmas. Enjoy Halloween in SL at The Flesh Game.

I confess that I have really just begun exploring and working out the puzzles, having made it to the Blair Meat Co., tagging along with a group of adventurers. Lots of gifts, scares, and fun to be had. I will post more pictures on Paypabak Tumblr as I get further along.

Bravo! to Ivey Deschanel, Roblem Hogarth, and the Flesh Game team for showing us how much fun SL at its best can be.

Visit Inworld: Pulse Halloween The Flesh Game Landing
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