A tip of the hat to The Laverne Unit for the lead on a very different handling of eyes. Illusive Eyes and HUDTwo styles of eyes, Illusive (shown here) and Deus (shown in Laverne’s blog), are offered and you change control of various aspects of the color of your eyes. With the HUD, you can assign an incredible range of color values to the iris, to the inner and outer rings of your eye, as well as Full Color. It’s fascinating to see how these combinations work from a distance in contrast to what it looks like on the HUD or close up. I’ve played with this on and off for what is amounting to more than an hour and still find myself toying with the settings.

A texture that comes with the eyes shows a Save Preset function, but I can’t access anything like that on the Illusive Eyes HUD. It’s too bad there isn’t a save function for favorite combinations! I’ve bought a single color of eyes for as much as L$90 and sets of half dozen colors for as much or more than the L$150 asking price for these wonderful eyes, so this is a great deal.

THI has plenty of other fascinating items on display, from samurai clothing and weapons to prosthetic limbs, helmets and goggles. Definitely worth a visit.

Visit Inworld: Tokugawa Heavy Industries Modal Clothing

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