JP Lancaster Says No to Escort

dancingjp.jpgJP and I went to a club today that was having a 60s event. The music was good but the notecard I got upon arrival informed me that this place was really big on escorts. I casually mentioned “this is an escort club” as we entered but JP thought I was kidding.

Sure enough we weren’t there no time at all before JP got an IM.

[9:26] ESCORT: hi honey

[9:27] ESCORT: hi honey

[9:27] ESCORT: looking for an escort honey?

[9:28] ESCORT: i’m cheap today

I danced some more but wondered how come the escorts never hit on me. Then I got the following IM.

[9:45] SLEAZY GUY: Hi there. Killer body! Do you like roleplay fetishes like getting pregnant or inflation?

Inflation! Oh yeah! Paying more for stuff turns me on! (No, I didn’t say that. I should have though. Inflation? Would someone tell me what that is if not the rising cost of goods?)

I didn’t save a landmark to this club, but if you see a bunch of half naked women and a man in bunny ears you will know the place I mean.

Ok maybe not. That describes most of the places in Second Life. lol

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