One thing I love is old style homes and antiques, and this is why I’m a big fan of Wunderbar owned by creator Poppet McGimsie. I’ve been visiting this store for years now because you can find Victorian, Edwardian, Rustic and French styles among others. The homes are lovely, and range from small stone cottages to large mansions. The furniture features realistic and (many) changeable textures for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, library and more. Poppet is creative with sculpties too, so has kept the prim counts fairly low.

You can also find the superhorse at Wunderbar, which I wrote about back in October 2010, and recently a collection of mesh furniture as well. To get the best experience, I recommend setting your LOD Factor on 4+ in preferences, and give the place some time to rez since there’s a lot of sculpted prims.

If you visit, be prepared to spend some time; there’s so much to see.

The landmark below will take you to a landing point where you can get a notecard of Wunderbar locations. If you like old fashioned stuff, I do not think you’ll be disappointed. Most of Poppet’s work is “wonderful.”

Visit Inworld: Wunderbar

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