JP Lancaster, my oldest friend in SL, invited me over so I could meet his “new friend.”

That’s right. JP’s new buddy is Alf! (You were expecting someone in high heels?)

Since JP was so pleased with Alf, he gave me the info on him. The creator’s name is geemix Newall, and the store he comes from is Ultrateque. Here’s some things you’ll find if you visit:

Shoulder pets, animals, Lemmings, Furbys, Bunnys, Alien, Danbo, Elephants, Domok, Lego, Penguins, Beanies, vendors, midnight mania, Gacha, Lucky Dips, DJ Animation, Clubs Prefabs, Tips Jars, Advert Boards, Picture Displayers, tshirts, turtle, pets

I love all kinds of pets in SL, from realistic animals to whimsical fantasy/sci-fi creatures. So this store was worth a visit for me. I won prizes from the Lucky Dip, and got abducted by a spaceship that gave me a gift when I escaped. The spaceship was also for sale, along with some unique looking tip jars and other things.

If you like stuff like this, check out Ultrateque. It’s pretty cool.

Visit Inworld: Ultrateque

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  1. Emerald Wynn
    Emerald Wynn January 26, 2012 at 7:10 am |

    I loved this store! I went bananas in there! I ended up buying the panda pet.

    The Meeroos lookalikes . . . shoot, I forgot what he called them . . . were particularly cool. I thought about buying a couple and ditching all my breedable ones. Soooo much cheaper!

    Thanks for the heads-up on this store!

    (More exclamation points: !!!)

  2. geemix
    geemix January 27, 2012 at 2:18 pm |

    Thank you both for your wonderful comments :) xxx

    When I first started Ultrateque it was to sell clubs and club equipment. The name Ultrateque was taken from an old Glasgow nightclub I used to go to years ago. So it fitted the store well.

    Moved on from club equipement purely when I created the very first Gary Greeter which was for my store only. But so many folks wanted to buy him.

    A total rework of the script and configs added for customers to alter the settings and he was for sale.

    From then, folks wanted more than just a greeter, pets they could talk to.

    And the rest is history really.

    Always nice when folks have nice things to say about the products I sell. So thank you so much for featuring my store in your blog :)

    xxx hugs

    – Geemix Newall

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