Dancing Cow


Yesterday, I got this old dancing cow attachment out of my inventory; something nonsensical from my early days in Second Life. Basically you “wear” the cow and it has a menu allowing you, and the cow, to do a little dance. You have the option of music and to make the cow moo.

This cow is so old it doesn’t even look like a cow. By today’s standards it’s comically bad. So bad, in fact, that it’s charming! It was made long before sculpted prims, and the person listed as creator of the cow’s body, Starax Statosky, has been in Second Life since 2003 (oh my dog!). The guy who put the cow together, Blain Candour, has been in SL since 2005.

So let’s put a date on this SL antique. The cow, at least in its current dancing form, was made between 2005 and 2007. It was being passed around when I was a noob in 2007, though I’m sure the body of the cow is much older. Oh yes. It’s a vintage cow.

If you’re interested in silly (but historical) SL things, I’ve put this cow in Subculture. Grab a copy for free!

Visit Inworld: Subculture

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  1. TP
    TP October 16, 2012 at 4:46 am |

    Where is the Dancing Cow in Subculture exactly?

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