Fixing Myself and My Viewer


Yesterday evening I logged in to find myself not rezzing. I stood there looking like a “curry cloud” (as I’ve begun to call it) and nothing I did would make me rez. I tried all the usual things like rebaking, clearing cache, character tests, etc. None of that worked so I eventually logged in using another viewer, repeated all those those steps — turning myself into a short, orange-tan lady — and then back into myself.

While I was trying to “fix” myself my fingers must have touched a wrong key combination, and I made my viewer cover everything. This happened to me ages ago, but I couldn’t remember how to fix it. My friend Seren recommended I tick off a certain box in preferences.

So, if your viewer ever goes wiggy covering everything, and “reset view” or the “ESC” button doesn’t do the trick, to get things back to normal go to Preferences – Graphics — and tick the box that says “Run Phoenix in a Window.” Obviously if you’re not on Phoenix the instructions will vary.

Happy to report that I got myself and my viewer back to normal. It took a while, but got there in the end.

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  1. GeneVincent Tigerpaw
    GeneVincent Tigerpaw March 15, 2012 at 9:58 pm |

    I’m late responding to this, but I had the same rezz issue bugging me for quite a few weeks recently. The thing is, I found myself getting very stressed about it and I couldn’t enjoy my sl at all.
    The appearance of my av is clearly a big issue for me.
    Ah, the vanity of sl.

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