All New Bricktown Open For Business

I met with Tola Heron today, the lady who (along with Linus Radford) organized and held the benefit concert for Laura L.

The following news is from Tola regarding her venue Bricktown.


bricktowntola.jpgThe all new Bricktown is open for business as of Easter Sunday, 2008! After a week of intensive building, the new venue located on Deer Park is pretty much complete. Bricktown is named for a historic section of downtown Detroit, Michigan, which is now known for its nightlife, trendy bars, restaurants and live music clubs. I designed my version of Bricktown to look like a rather slummy downtown section of a city. I made liberal use of textures and items which I obtained from Calleta’s Hobo Railroad Infohub, which the talented and generous hobos such as Arcadia Asylum and Pavig Lok provide to the SL community free of charge. Bricktown consists of a central performance area, surrounded by shops, a park, and some other cool stuff to look at and do. My goal was to create a place where people can come and enjoy great music, shop and just hang out and relax. I also have opened Bricktown Music Shoppe, for performers to place their music, be it albums or mp3’s or whatever, available for purchase. I will be hosting live music events every Sunday to start off with, and later will be adding other events during the week. Please keep an eye on the SL events calendar for Bricktown music events, or come any time and just explore and have fun! Merchants can feel free to contact me for information on shop rentals.

Tola Heron


Visit Inworld: Deer Park

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