Thought I’d share this unusual film written and directed by my friend Brian Hischier. When I lived in Chicago, Brian, myself, and a handful of our friends were in an artist guild together. We met regularly and published a small press publication which we wrote, I edited, and Brian illustrated — among other things!

We also did theatre. Brian wrote and directed a hilarious — and rather demented — show called Eggnog Dreams in which I played the bit part of a human present delivered by mail order. I pop out of the box and “belong” to the people who sent away for me. Don’t get any pervy ideas. I was a cute young nanny meant for a little girl! As it happens though, the post got mixed up and I go to the wrong people and Brian, who starred in the show as well as directed, ended up being sent to the girl whose parents wanted me. His character was called Puck and he was not really someone you’d want taking care of your child.

Anyway, that’s a bit of history. As for the following film, Brian was given 36 hours to put it together but used just 18 due to his daughter’s birthday. The lovely actress is Anastasia Hischier who is an incredibly talented artist herself. The little girl is their daughter, and Brian himself makes an appearance toward the end.

This film became the critic’s choice at the Windie City Shootout, 2011. Way to go, Brian!

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