Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?


Shhhh! You ain’t seen me right? It’s 3.30am and I’ve circumnavigated Shauna’s security systems and broken into Moonletters HQ using a sponge and a rusty spanner. And here I sit at my old desk hammering away at my dusty old typewriter (Shauna always refused to buy me one of those new fangled word processors. “Typewriters are character building Graz” she would say as my fingers bled).

“Why did you break in?” I hear you cry. Well to be honest I’m not sure, I was just sitting at home with a packet of Wotsits and can of Special Brew reminiscing about the old days, when before I knew it I was shinning up the Moonletters drainpipe like Tom Cruise on Red Bull. To be honest I think Shauna’s long hiatus has gotten me thinking about how much I enjoyed being a staff writer here all those months ago. Anyway here I am, back in the saddle, ready to pour out my stream of consciousness onto the page…….

Ok maybe I should have thought this through a bit more, see in the old days I’d carefully plan my articles based on my experiences either in world or out of it. Er so let’s see, what’s happened lately? Hmm…..

Ah I know! I changed viewer! This was both scary and a little exciting, a bit like the first time I rode a horse and got on it facing the wrong way. But I digress… I’d clung onto my beloved Phoenix viewer as long as I possibly could but lately it’s been saying strange things to me in popup alerts; it seemed it no longer had the vocabulary to express itself. Convinced it was possessed by demons.. or worse.. politicians, I decided it was time to step outside my comfort zone and download the dreaded Firestorm viewer the kids all rave about. I must admit the download and installation was far less traumatic than I expected and it was done even before I’d finished my second bag of Wotsits. When I first logged into SL using it I was lulled into a false sense of security by being asked if I’d like to use it in “Phoenix Mode”. And sure enough it LOOKED much like Phoenix, RESULT! However since then I still haven’t been able to IM a single soul and my ankles have vanished. But it’s been peaceful … if a little difficult to walk!

Last weekend was the indie pub crawl. Well not so much “pub” as it was mainly indie clubs, short DJ sets at each of the well known SL indie venues. I managed to take in a couple before the lag cut short my adventure. No matter which route I took I just couldn’t get into “The Velvet”. DJ Ophelia, one of my fave DJs was spinning the decks but alas it seemed the sim just wasn’t going to let people in to listen to her. There’s only a few things in life you can rely on; death, taxes, Keith Richards and SL gremlins spoiling your fun. Someone told me that the whole of Second Life runs on two Raspberry Pie computers gaffer taped together… Is this true??

Wednesday was interesting… I was playing my usual musical DJ set at AAi and decided to premiere my new three button 60’s suit.. Well when I say new, what I mean is new to me, but the previous owners were fairly careful and the ketchup stains came out in the wash. Anyway, feeling very dapper and completely overdressed I proceeded to woo the assembled hordes with some punk rock n roll mayhem with a dash of HipHop for seasoning (yeah I’m proper street I am!). Then out of the blue I get an IM from someone I’d not met before asking if I’d pose for some photos. Well I was a little surprised and my mind reeled in horror at the idea of me posing naked Kate Winslet style like in Titanic. Yikes! However it soon transpired that what he wanted was a photo of me loitering in a London street looking like one of those “mod” chaps Shauna is always going on about. You know the sort, skinny suits, home made haircuts and mopeds? Well the irony of being mistaken for one wasn’t lost on me I can tell you, for I am usually seen sporting a La-Rocka t-shirt, brothel creepers and quiff. Well I chuckled to myself. This was my chance to infiltrate the seedy underbelly of mod culture and turn it on its head. So have a gander over at Dark Austen’s blog and see if you think I scrub up well as the Ace Face (complete with quiff).

Real life has been a bit manic. For those of you that don’t know I’m a musician in the first world and I’ve kinda overstretched myself lately. Switching from Rockabilly to Northern Soul to Blues bands all in the same week has resulted in some brain scrambling mish mashes of riff – and I’ve accidentally invented a new genre which I’ve named “Bluebillysoul”.. or “Jazz” for short. Now Shauna has always been a great supporter of my songwriting, even going as far as playing one of my records at her Thursday sets at Soul Mods. It seems to have gone down pretty well over there so I was pleased to also get some positive feedback over at AAI when I shoe-horned it in at the end of my set last week. SL is a great place to try out creative ideas out and it’s encouraged me to keep going. I’ve got three more soul tracks on the way which I hope I can share with you all soon, well that’s if I can find the right singer. Better buy some ear plugs just in case I have to sing ‘em ;)

Well the birds are singing outside the window and I can hear the milk floats clattering down the road. So I guess it’s time I got going before Shauna arrives and realises I’ve been in here eating her chocolate hobnobs. It’s been lovely talking to you all again. Who knows, if I get away with publishing this I may come back again soon. Until then, be lucky people!

Much love Graz x

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  1. Paypabak Writer
    Paypabak Writer January 28, 2013 at 3:31 am |

    Great post! How wonderful to see both you and Shauna back at it!

  2. Graz
    Graz January 28, 2013 at 12:57 pm |

    You make that sound so sordid Pay

  3. Shauna
    Shauna January 28, 2013 at 4:50 pm |

    Great article—er, I mean this is terrible Graz. How dare you hack into Moonletters.

  4. Serendipidy Haven
    Serendipidy Haven January 29, 2013 at 1:14 pm |

    He plays, he bakes flapjacks, he writes… is there no end to this guy’s talents? (Oh yeah, there’s those awful jokes!).

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