Cult Man

For the last few months there’s been a certain avatar parking himself at Penny Lane. He doesn’t speak but has been known to spend days at a time logged in, unmoving except for the artificial breathing and blinking Second Life gives to make our virtual personas more lifelike. A few of us have marvelled at this avatar due to his silent extended presence, and he’s given us something to talk about. Sim owner JP Lancaster jokingly describes him as a “cult” figure.

At first I thought JP might be having a laugh and logging an avatar in himself. The shape looks rather like him (though the skin is much different) but JP let me know it wasn’t him. He was just as amused as I was.

Ok, so months go by without a word from our visitor. In general he just stands there . . . and stands there . . . and stands there. No harm in this or anything. The fellow makes traffic and provides a topic of conversation! Sure, a lot of times he’s not there, but when he is he stays logged in for ages: Still quiet. Still unmoving. Still being a mysterious cult figure.

Until now.

NEWS FLASH! The Cult Man speaks!

That’s right. The man who became famous for being silent has decided to open up — in a big way. In fact, whenever I login now he sends me an instant message. “Hey Darlin’.” And if I so much as say “hi” back he’ll launch into a conversation as if he’s known me for years. He’s quite comfortable telling me private aspects of his personal life.

My first thought? Another flatter bot! If you’ve not encountered a flatter bot, it’s an avatar that instant messages you and launches into a conversation, gives loads of compliments about your personal appearance and tells how they were mistreated by a man and left Second Life. Eventually they ask for lindens. I had kind of a hilarious adventure with one of these not long ago. (See Beware The Flatter Bot on New World Notes for more info on flatter bots.) And yet cult man shattered that thought by saying something a bot wouldn’t. He mentioned a specific aspect of my personal appearance and gave a link to some lady he said looked like me — and it was fairly accurate!

Ok, so not a bot (or if he is, he’s only a bot part time). I’ve been told he joins into main chat now as well, so I will scratch him off the flatter bot list; and to his credit he’s also never asked for lindens.

Is it bad I think the Penny Lane Cult Man was more interesting when he didn’t speak?

Ok, so he’s still a bit of a mystery, but only time will tell what he’s really all about!

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