“I Did Not Attend The Bieber Gig” Says Slate

This will probably be the last I ever say the name Justin Bieber on Moonletters, but we’ve been teasing Slate McLeod for going to the concert with a family member. Last night Slate was back on deck DJ’ing at Soul Mods only to arrive and find several pictures of Justin Bieber rezzed around his DJ booth.


He sent this notice to the group:

That man is back….love him or hate him…:) It’s DJ Slate back home at the Soul Mods club. Many thanks to Divine Law for covering whilst I was not attending a Justin Beiber gig. Merely dropping off my daughter and picking her up afterwards. Not my fault I blocked Beibers tour bus. I DID NOT ATTEND THE GIG.

Sure you didn’t, Slate! ;)

As we all laughed, club owner Dugi Rubble started to feel a little ill having to wear the Bieber Fever shirt the club goers had on in honour of Slate. “Nobody take a picture,” he said, so of course I had to take one.


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