I Miss The Penny Lanes

The Penny Lanes Circa 2007 (yes that’s me in the red!)

In my first couple of years in Second Life the friends I spent the most time with were Marianne Shan and Magdalena Bing. We three clicked together having a deep love for music and all being friends with the SL Beatles. We had similar tastes in clothes, houses, furniture — you name it!

Marianne and Magda are sisters in first life but after we became good friends they “adopted” me so that I felt like a sister too. When the SL Beatles stopped getting together we girls didn’t want the parties to end so we put on our SGT Pepper outfits and formed The Penny Lanes, a faux group that held events in honour of the fab four. Though all three of us sing, write songs, and can play guitar, as the Penny Lanes in SL we just streamed Beatles songs and stood on stage with guitars dancing around. Even so people usually had fun at our “gigs.”

We all had Beatles nicknames too. I suggested Marianne be Lucy in the Sky because she’s so whimsical. She loved the name and if you check her profile she calls herself Lucy to this day. Magdalena is lovely inside and out, so of course she became Lovely Rita. Me? I decided to go with Dear Prudence. Lucy and Rita are much lovelier sounding, but I think names and their meanings can be powerful and significant, and I like the definition of “prudence.”

So that was us, The Penny Lanes. We added other members later on having an Eleanor Rigby, Sexy Sadie, and Polythene Pam at one time . . . but for the most part The Penny Lanes consisted of three core members: Dear Prudence, Lovely Rita, and Lucy in the Sky.

I miss The Penny Lanes in SL. Mary and Mags do not login too much these days. It sometimes happens like that — the nature of SL. Fortunately we still keep in touch outside of SL.

Recently the sisters put together a video of the two of them singing “Just Like Starting Over” by John Lennon. Marianne and Magda are both German and at the time of the recording they were still learning English. The lyric is supposed to say “it’ll be just like starting over” but they sang “little bee just like starting over.” They realized their mistake later and have put a little bee in the video for a laugh. Now whenever I hear this song I’m going to be thinking of that little bee.

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  1. Serendipidy Haven
    Serendipidy Haven March 26, 2013 at 12:53 pm |

    Even though i wasn’t around for the heyday of the Penny Lanes, i remember some fun times at Magda and Marianne’s Magical Mystery Field, (remember the mad night we all dressed up in lederhosen?).

    SL’s 10th birthday celebrations are around the corner in June, with the theme ‘Looking forward. Looking back’… maybe the Penny Lanes could come back for a re-union to celebrate? :)

    P.P. x

  2. Paypabak
    Paypabak March 26, 2013 at 1:12 pm |

    That brings back some memories, too. Wonderful vid. With my name, of course, the Penny Lanes have great appeal, and I play guitar in FL and SL, as well. I also have a drum set if you need a Ringo-ette to round out the band.

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