There’s a new application on Facebook called Bitstrips where you can make “instant comics starring you and your friends.” I first saw it on Divine’s page and she found it from Simon’s page — and I’m not sure where he found it from.

It’s entertaining. You create your own avatar for it and can add friends into comics. They come with pre-made text which is usually amusing, but you can customize it too. Here’s one that Divine made of Tobi and Slate’s bromance.


Speak bubbles and everything!

I did loads of them, but they’re hard to save since they post in a weird format. I have to print screen and then do some cropping in a graphic program just to get them. This is why I’m just showing a couple.

Here’s one of my better half and me.

Yep, every woman needs someone to be her biggest fan.

And here’s another I know will come in handy for the future.


Get it on Facebook: Bitstrips

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  1. Slate
    Slate April 28, 2013 at 8:57 pm |

    I love these Bit-Strips !! So funny !!!!

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