Shayla Juran – DJ Profile

Avatar Name: Shayla Juran Shayla Juran

Style of Music you usually play: I usually play Rock and Alternative music. I also enjoy doing special decade shows that I tie into a theme like all 80’s and teen movies of that decade or all 90’s and the population explosion of people trying to learn how to email and use the internet. I really love music and have a pretty large library. :)

Website: I am working on a website at I am pretty busy but I hope to get it up and running in a few weeks!

How long have you been a DJ in Second Life? I have wanted to explore DJing for a while. I have worked in the entertainment field for many years mainly theatre. But I have had some experience with recording and radio as I used to write and do puppet shows as well for kids and I really loved it. So I started Djing in Second Life a couple months after I became a member of second life in May. I want to become the best DJ I can be. I hope to expand this area of my real life as well.

Favorite places to play? I love to do special events like the art show events I have done for Tart Gallery in Second LIfe and Rez day parties are lots of fun to do . Club Therapy is a Favorite of mine. I really enjoy Djing at Dear Prudence Rock Club because the people are great and I am a huge Classic Rock fan who just loves to I throw in a few Classic Rock tunes into my mix!

Describe a memorable gig: One show stands out because it was when I was a new Dj and still learning the ropes. The crowd really enjoyed my show and at the end a few even jumped into my DJ booth for photos with me. It is a great feeling when you know that people are having fun.

What was your worst gig and why? There are really no bad gigs. I mean this is music how bad can it be? *smiles* If the energy is low well then I just bump up the tune and my energy level and then play a tune that makes me dance behind my computer! If I can’t help but dance, I know the people must be having fun too. The best part of Second Life and Djing is you get to meet so many
people from all over the world and music is a language we all enjoy!

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