Fnordian Vendor Release and More

Contributed by Shauna Skye

Fnordian Link, creator of the Haggle Box and Limmerbot (among other thing) has sent info that his store will be having a double release event.


It’s been a long hot/cool/rainy/dry Summer and we hope you’ve had a wonderful time!

Now we’d like to invite you to join us at Fnordian Furniture Sunday at 1pm-2pm (SL time) for the exciting release of not just one but TWO new and very different products, and receive a 25% discount on the prices!

A second info session will be held Sunday night at 11pm-midnight (SL time).

The Fnordian Spirit Table – Sit at the Spirit Table and ask your question. The spirits appear and reply with a three-word answer–cryptic at times but often mysteriously appropriate too.

The Fnordian Daily Discount displays and sells up to seven different products. Each product has a special discount price one day of the week.

Come see these new items. Try them out. Ask your questions. And have some fun. :)

Visit Inworld: Fnordian Furniture & Magic Items

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