Heavenly Lucky Chairs … and Some Hunts

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lil-heaven-chairs_001Just throwing some stuff out there for you! A little Neko, a little Steampunk, a lotta ‘Tude: Little Heaven! Best of all, Lucky Chairs and camping! It always seems to be raining there. You can join the crowd in the bar where there are three lucky chairs with clothes and such, or go down the alley where you can camp for jewelry and accessories. Inside are stores, and the hair section also has four lucky chairs! The attitude is what I appreciate and rewards wandering around every little corner where you can slide inside a body bag in the skin shoppe, or lay on a chalk-marked crime scene somewhere else. Great shopping, freebies . . . Little Heaven is aptly named!

OK . . . it’s been awhile since I mentioned the fun of hunts. Here are some specials I’ve come across:

The Lovebird’s Couple Hunt (from the notecard)

“What the Hunt is about: There’s several hunts out there for women and now some for men only. How bout one you can do together without the prizes being skewed toward one gender? That’s what this hunt is all about. A hunt that is meant for couples to get together and have fun and get some wonderful things for both of you or that can be used by both together.

When will the hunt start?  It starts midnight SLT August the 15th and goes to midnight SLT September the 15th. There is also a hunters group for help during the hunt or if you need more information. To join, go to any participating store, click on the sign and then click on the link in local to get to the group.

“Why participate in this hunt?  This is a hunt that is meant to be shared with that special someone in your life, to enjoy, have some laughs and get some great things together. Also, many of the gifts that are in our hunt are exclusive only to this hunt by our very talented creators!”

I think it’s pretty cool that this one encourages couples to be together on it . . . it’s great fun that way . . . and that gifts are oriented toward lovebirds! I have a SLurl for the first stop on the hunt below.

STEAM:  Steampunk Travelers’ Event, Adventure & Megahunt

I’m really excited by this hunt! Here’s an excerpt from the notecard. Didn’t get a SLurl yet:

“This is the first ever Steampunk Grid-Wide hunt!  There has never been a Steampunk-themed hunt before, so this will be very exciting and fun. STEAM will take place during the month of September, 1st-30th.  The gifts will remain available for the entire month . . . if you can find them!

“There will be many Steampunk-themed gifts to find hidden all over the grid in participating shops.  You’ll be offered a variety of gifts as you search for the hidden items. Only high-quality designers have been invited to participate, and their exclusive items will be available only for the duration of the hunt.”

It’s very likely your favorite Steampunk store is participating, so go and look for announcements there!

Visit Inworld:
Little Heaven
Lovebird’s Couple Hunt (1st stop)

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