slFIX Men

Contributed by Shauna Skye

I am opening a large store with clothes just for men. It’s not officially open yet, and some things are still under construction, but you can come visit now. I am featuring some of the most talented creators of men’s clothing in Second Life, excellent designers. We have lots of outfits for sale, shirts, trousers, and in many styles to suit different tastes. We also have shoes, work boots, etc, though I’m currently seeking men’s shoe creators to add even more.

slfixmen01I took a snapshot of a couple of men wearing some items from the store. You may recognize JP Lancaster on the right, owner of Dear Prudence Rock Club. On the left is Lightning Nitely, a silent type who “has no soul” according to my friend Madame, but he sure is cute and makes a great model.

You won’t find anything not of high quality in slFIX Men. The clothes are excellent, but you won’t go broke shopping there. Hey, looking cool doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you’re watching your cash you can get an entire outfit with a jacket, shirt, and trousers for just 100 lindens.

If I’m there don’t be shy. Feel free to say hi to me, and if I can help you find something to wear let me know.

Visit Inworld: slFIX Men

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