HallowOonz Music Festival

Contributed by Shauna Skye

HallowOonz poster3

Second Life residents Oonzied Galaxy and Begonia Oh are hosting a the HallowOonz music festival on Friday, Oct. 30th. The event will run from 2pm-11pm, and feature live music all day. There will also be a costume contest.

The musical line up is:

2:00 Helix Moody

3:00 Oonzied Galaxy

4:00 Cate Llewellyn

5:00 Kitzie Lane

6:00 Kaitlyn Merlin

7:00 Monty

8:00 Tone Uriza

9:00 KevinMThomas

10:00 Mance Moonwall

Visit Inworld: Alpine Valley Music Theatre

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  1. Pay
    Pay October 28, 2009 at 10:42 am |

    That’s a great line up! There’s an RL Alpine Valley north of where I live … I wonder?

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