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Urban creator Maddison Mokeev has released a basketball court which is 37/44 prims and sells for 750 lindens. Like everything Maddison creates, the textures look extremely realistic, bringing the ghetto right to you. And you thought you could escape it in Second Life!

I got hooked on Maddison’s creations when I used to co-own Dear Prudence Rock Club. I bought many of the buildings, and tried to give the place a post-apocalyptic look. Often, this grunge was complimented with zombies (which I added) among other things that occasionally terrified guests rather than welcomed them. Though I’m no longer the owner of Dear Prudence, current owner JP Lancaster remains a fan of Maddison’s work and still uses much of it at his place.

JP and I visited Cloud 9.1 the other day, and it turned out Maddison Mokeev was there. When I saw Maddison I was all gushy about how great Cloud 9.1 is. As some of you may remember I interviewed Maddison when we had an inworld magazine. (I think I have purchased most of Maddison’s store at some point.) Anyway, Maddison was nice as usual, and gave us a sneak peek of a prison to be released in the near future. At one point I got locked in a cell with JP, but Maddison was a merciful jailer and opened the door before my avatar could be traumatized.

Maddison and I have decided to swap links, so check the blogroll here for the Cloud 9.1 website called Virtual Decay to keep you posted on what’s happening. Seriously, Maddison Mokeev is awesome, being a rival to Arcadia Asylum in grungy coolness. Don’t take my word for it. If you go to the showroom at Cloud 9.1 you can see the buildings all close up.

Visit Inworld: Cloud 9.1 Showroom

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  1. Albion
    Albion January 6, 2010 at 1:05 pm |

    that looks cool,,,ahhh I remember dear prudence fondly

  2. Albion
    Albion January 6, 2010 at 3:32 pm |

    I saw this guy there and thought wow an interesting place

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