Is There a World-Renowned Medical Institution in the House?


“When we put up, there were only 10,000 web servers in the world.” Those are the words of Svea Morane, Web Admin for the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, who has worked there more than 34 years. I met this far-sighted avatar via the usual SLynchronicity of wearing so many titles in SL: as customer service rep for MechanizedLIFE, handling a problem Svea had with a CalendarCog Event Board. Of course, I didn’t know he was a visionary at the time, but I quickly threw on my Moonletters Writer title and went after this wonderful story! You can go to the clinic’s Website joining the monthly total of 13 million visitors and learn just about anything about modern medicine and the mission of this extraordinary institution. I kept wanting to jump up from my keyboard during our tour and put a bag to my nose and mouth to keep from hyperventilating! I haz a SCOOP!

Mayo Clinic front entrance

The sim is brand-spanking new! Built by Oura Scribe under Svea’s direction, this excellent replica of the main campus of the clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, was built in six days …”from water to what you see” complete with glass sculptures and piano that represent significant landmarks identifying it as none-other-than. The sim was built to spark “internal discussion about ways Mayo clinic could use virtual worlds.” The tour Svea gave me took in the five goals he set for demonstrating what he felt were key concepts in going from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. The goals were to simulate what goes on at Mayo in first life, re-purposing educational content, facilitate collaboration in virtual conferences and meetings, explore new ways of providing patient care, and invite interaction with “alumni” in less formal surroundings.

These book covers can be clicked on to retrieve the Webpage where full descriptions and order information can be found.

It is not yet the patient-focused sim that Svea envisions but one for getting a tiny portion of the 50,000 staff members using it and developing ways in which a patient-focused sim can function. Then they will build that amazing place next door along with one for their graduate school. Svea feels that we’ve reached a similar point like back when they opened that first Website, “believing this technology will be valuable and helpful … and finding the right places to apply it, so we have winners and not games.” He also said, “having a Google calendar display will be critical to our success,” a wonderful endorsement of the MechanizedLIFE product that brought us together.

There's a whimsical side to this proof-of-concept sim: this North pole sign is not authentic.

He went on to say: “I care a lot about helping patients and finding better ways to provide care. So we will explore these tools to see how it helps. Along the way, we have made all kinds of associations with many groups and people in SL who share those goals.” And to prove he wasn’t just spouting from the PR brochures: “and having good live music does not hurt :)!”

I am not providing a landmark since this island is more of a proof-of-concept sim than, as Svea stated, a patient-focused place. You won’t find it on searching, either. I just think it’s great to know that this kind of thing is going on and hope you do, too.

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