Toastie Scores 106400 on Zyngo

Contributed by Shauna Skye

toastiezyngo.jpgYamarontoast Dagger aka “Toastie” has just gotten the highest zyngo score to ever appear on a machine at Dear Prudence Arcade. How high? A whopping 106400. This beats the former high score of 98000 held by Evelyn Hitchcock.

Toastie’s wanted to beat Evelyn’s high score for a while now, and knowing Toastie as I do I believe there’s a feeling of satisfaction in getting this zyngo record that probably wouldn’t be felt by the casual player.

The pot was 6200 when Toastie got the monster score of 106400. Others were determined to win this zyngo game as well, and put many lindens in before Toastie came along to win it all. Ironically, Evelyn Hitchcock was nowhere to be found. Will Eve try to reclaim the throne?

I am happy for Toastie whose picture atop this zyngo has now replaced Evelyn’s within Dear Prudence for the hall of fame. Will Eve be able to beat this score? I’m not sure she can. This is the highest score I’ve ever seen!

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Photo Credit: Yamarontoast Dagger

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