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  1. illegal gambling
    illegal gambling May 20, 2009 at 11:50 pm |

    Zyngo is illegal as it allows gambling. Zyngo can be set to autoplay making it function just like a slot machine. Zyngo allows stakes to be placed in Linden dollars which can be transfered to real USD. People can change in USD by using the exchange from Linden Lab to purchase Linden dollars with USD dollars or real dollars. So real money can be exchanged for virtual money, the virtual currency can be used to place bets on Zyngo machines, there seem to be machines out there with odds from 2:1 to 10:1 or 20:1 and the machines pay out instantly after the games is played. If the machine is set to autoplay the gambler doesn’t even have to play the game to gamble on Zyngo machines.

    Linden Lab lends its virtual world network or grid to illegal gambling activities and trying to hide it as games of skill while it’s just ordinary gambling. Zyngo machines should be declared illegal in Second Life as they are just covered up jackpots or slot machines.

    The creator writes “We won’t use the C word” in which he refers to Casino. It is very clear that these are casino games that run into Second Life and people can buy virtual currency with their credit card, Visa or Mastercard to pay for illegal gambling activities using the Linden $.

    This also violated the terms of service of Paypal and the credit card companies. When a machine accepts bets and pays out stakes it’s a gambling device which is illegal.

  2. John SMith
    John SMith May 27, 2009 at 5:07 am |

    You and LL will need a heapload of lawyers when the authorities find out about this illegal gambling called zyngo, making massive profits from illegal gambling, people go to jail for that, I’d be very afraid if I was you.

  3. Linden Love
    Linden Love June 5, 2009 at 8:28 am |

    Zyngo will never vanish because the bitches at Linden Lab would loose too much money because if people did not play Zyngo, they would not use LindeX to purchase their $L and Linden Lab would not get profit.

    With that said, Zyngo is allowed by Linden Lab because they have a silent agreement with Aargle about letting it live on, how else would in-world finances be as high as they are, most money transactions are due to gambling related actions and purchase of sex toys.

  4. Zyngo Lover
    Zyngo Lover June 22, 2009 at 3:54 am |

    You still have to choose where to use the Green/Blue Jesters on “Autoplay”. So technically, you DO have to be there.
    I’ve spent more $Lindens on virtual clothing, dance and AO animations, shoes, hair and those silly ‘gimiky’ items. Not to mention the amount of donations I’ve tipped staff, clubs, and virtual world creators…. than I’ve ever spent on sex toys – and I used to work as a dancer/escort.
    Oh and those stupid skill-based sploders that require you to click on/pop virtual bubbles – provided that SL isn’t ‘laggy’, my computer has enough RAM to display all images smoothly and in Realtime – so that by the time I actually click on the ‘bubble’ on my screen… that it actually pops and ‘registers’ me as being the popper… and not clicking on someone’s CHIM that happened to move in the way…. and I end up being animated by that strange Avatar…
    Second Life is an ADULT virtual world – it’s beyond me why there are “PG” areas and how ‘child avatars’ are legal in-world.
    If you don’t want gambling… then go join IMVU where you can look and act like a teenager AGAIN!
    And to ‘earn’ some credits – have a ‘free spin’ or review some websites, better yet – use your credit card!

  5. zyngo
    zyngo July 1, 2009 at 5:28 pm |

    Zyngo Manager 1.22 Lite


    ZyngoMGR is a tool that helps zyngo owners to controll all the machines
    in one out-world application.

    It has a nice GUI and easy to use.

    Lite Version – FREE to use

    Pro Version – 19,99$

    You can get pro version by contacting the creator, check readme file.

  6. Father Jones
    Father Jones July 29, 2009 at 7:11 pm |

    Too many people are losing too much money on Zyngo. And it is for sure a gambling game first class. Even with the blue and green jokers, it is definitly a game of chance, like bingo is considered one. Talking about too much money, I mean like people playing for 1000 USD in one hour. Did you guys ever searched for high roller places with Zyngo? You can play machines there for 5000 up to 50000 Linden Dollars a game, with pots up to 1 million Linden Dollars. And that is what the creator and the owners of those places call an innocent game of skill for fun? I wonder when someone will have the guts to bring this to the right people, the press, the financial company’s Linden Lab is depending on, and also of course the US government,… We are not only talking about Zyngo in this matter. There are lots of ‘zyngo-clones’ produced lately by other programmers that are made for the very same purpose: making huge money, not just the money you need to buy you a pair of shoes, a piece of land and a house to live in your virtual world. Millions of dollars are running around in this business. Anyone doubting my words just take a look yourself inworld.

  7. stoo
    stoo March 16, 2010 at 10:52 am |

    Wow.. i didn’t even realize gambling was illegal. Has Vegas shut down now!! lol maybe i am ignorant. Why has gambling been banished from Second Life???

    And why should Zyngo have the monopoly on the “casinos” if people make similar games “clones” as long as no copyright laws (if any) are broken whats the problem? That’s business! If something works why fix it. I understand if there are too many gaming places this saturates the market.. but this is where competition to be the best happens isn’t it. I mean there isn’t just one clothes brand, there are thousands.. just the same. I think certain people with the power want to get richer, and the rest can just lump it attitude is involved here. DOG EAT DOG WORLD THIS SECOND LIFE!

  8. PieCake
    PieCake October 3, 2011 at 5:24 pm |

    * The Lindens take a VERY dim view of people doing cloning and copying of original products. Look around: SL is 99.9% user created. If that’s not protected, SL itself isn’t protected.

    I guess the Lindens haven’t heard of Slingo. A game that’s been out since 2000 by Funkitron. What this prick has done is copied the mechanics EXACTLY and just drawn up his own graphics. http://stopgame.ru/files/screenshots/12223/slingo_quest-3.jpg

    * Creators can, and do, file DMCA reports against people making illegal copies of objects, skin, clothing, etc. As a creator, I can tell you the removals team does its job.

    Oh I sincerely hope they do. What’s funny is that Aargle’s other popular game, Quince, is also a clone of wait for it.. another funkitron game, also out since 2000, named 5 card slingo. http://img.brothersoft.com/screenshots/softimage/0/5_card_slingo-267193-1248939955.jpeg

    Original product Aargle?

    SLINGO is the original product. ZYNGO is a clone. Aargle Zymurgy DOES NOT have the exclusive copyrights to this game. No matter how almighty he wants to act, this is the plain truth in black and white. He has stolen other people’s ideas, and made a tidy packet off it. he didn’t even change how the game was played (until LL forced him to). STOP GIVING THIS THIEF YOUR MONEY!

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