Gemini Tattoos


I don’t know about you, but in Second Life I am pretty much who I am in real life. OK, so I can’t teleport to places or carry my wardrobe around with me and the like, but my love of tattoos appears in both worlds, and I have become very fond of a scruffy little place with smashed windows and dingy sofas. (This is one of those occasions my Second Life and real life differ!)

Gemini Tattoos offers male and female small, medium and full body tattoos. There are piercings for shall we say, many parts of the body, and yep you guessed it, FREE STUFF! The delightful Midnight Mania board makes an appearance as does the prizes for picks. I have the, er, world map bum tattoo–so I’ll return tomorrow and see what else I can grab.

The beauty of what Carter Rebane sells is in the price and the quality. I’ve come across many a tattoo parlour that charges way more than what is sold in this little place, yet the quality is the same; and I guess as in real life I like to help the small places out.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to get, crash out on the sofa, take the weight off your feet and feel delight that your tattoo will be painless to your body and your wallet.

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