Latin Night at Original Soul Rebels


I was doing my usual Sunday night wandering the grid when a flyer for the Original Soul Rebels Headquarters flashed through informing they were having a Latin night. More renowned for its soul and funk, the OSR HQ is a lively British club with a friendly core of members who are always eager to welcome new people through the door. With my limited knowledge of Latin music, I was unsure what to expect, but DJ Hbomb’s flyer was full of interesting stuff:

“. . . playing you some of the finest salsa from around the Carabean from artists such as Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Grand Combo . . . also some Buchata, Reggaton, and Merengue tracks which many of you may never have heard before.”

Made me think it was well worth a visit, so leaping in the cab I got myself over there sharpish. The club was buzzing with sultry Latin rhythms and a full dance floor enjoying the excellent tunes on offer from HBomb. One of the cool things about Second Life is that it’s an ideal facility for exploring and learning about new music. As somebody with no real knowledge of Latin music, I entered the club wondering if I would enjoy myself or not. It was therefore great to learn that the music was great, and I had a wonderful hour or so strutting my Latin grooves. So, if you hear of a Latin rhythm night at the OSR HQ club, I’d urge you to check it out. Tight trousers, chest hair and ruffled shirts are optional. Also, if you can, check the soul and funk nights too.

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