JTris: Its the Latest Thing

Contributed by Yamarontoast Dagger

Remember Tetris, well its come to SL . . .  kind of.  Of course the coolest games arcade in SL had to have it, and I’ve been field testing it for you ;)

jtrisThe machine comes from Jaded Games, the guys who brought us the wonderful Jaded Jokers, and it is scripted/built by Cold Spitteler. The major difference from classic tetris is that the shapes do not fall from above but rather appear below the game board and you can rotate them by clicking before you position them on the board.

Another difference is that you are aiming to make rectangles not lines to clear tiles from the board. Bonus points are awarded for clearing the whole board. You get 40 rounds to play and its as addictive as Zyngo; more so!

Well, purely as a public service I have got one for you to try and Shauna has kindly allowed me to put it in Dear Prudence Arcade.

So now you got no excuse not to try! Good luck :)

Play JTris: Dear Prudence Arcade
Buy the Game: JADED Games

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